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You probably understand that having imperfections in your pearly whites can be embarrassing. In fact, did you know that Americans actually spend millions of dollars on teeth whitening alone? While teeth whitening is useful for yellowing teeth, did you know your pearly whites could also turn black? If this happens, teeth whitening may not be enough. Fortunately, there are other things you can do to address a black tooth.

You see, teeth usually turn black because of trauma. If you fall or are hit in the face, your tooth could turn black—which is one reason you should wear a mouth guard when you play contact sports. This is because your pulp, which is in the center of your tooth, could be stained by blood. Sadly, your teeth could become darker for several weeks if the issue isn’t addressed.

If your tooth turns black, you may need root canal therapy, which involves cleaning your pulp. However, please note that children may not need the same treatment. You see, if children injure their teeth, they could turn black. However, their teeth will often return to their proper color after a few days.

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