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Do you ever think about what you might be able to do to help your kids stay healthy? You probably know that helping them follow a healthy diet is very important. Similarly, did you know that there could be a few things you’ll need to try if you’d like to keep your child as healthy and strong as possible?

For instance, you may already understand that you should brush and floss your kid’s teeth. We usually suggest brushing your child’s teeth for two minutes at a time every day. It’s also important that you brush their pearly whites gently and that you use a brush with soft bristles. If you fail to brush their teeth gently, you could accidentally hurt their teeth and gums. Similarly, please use toothpaste without fluoride in it until your kids learn how to spit toothpaste out.

Still, even before your little one’s first tooth comes in, you should also wipe their gums with a clean, wet rag. We recommend setting your child in your lap so you can see inside their mouth when you clean their gums. We also suggest cleaning their gums each time your child eats or has a bottle.

It’s also important that you do not give your children bottles that contain sugary liquids in it when you put them to bed. Sadly, milk and juice are sugary drinks you should be aware of. If you give your infant a bottle that contains these drinks, their teeth may be exposed to sugar, which may leave them more susceptible to oral decay. If your child won’t fall asleep without a bottle, please try to fill it with water instead of a sugary drink.

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